The villages around Yangshuo

Xingping, Liu Gong, Mushan, Pudi, Fuli, Puyi, Gaotian, Jinbao, Putao and Baisha

Most travelers visit Yangshuo not only to see the limestone mountains but also to see what there is to see around Yangshuo. And there is a lot. This page gives you an introduction into the villages around town. It’s a rough overview but there are many pages with additional details.

XingpingAround Yangshuo there are the following essential villages to visit: Xingping, Mushan, Pudi, Fuli and Baisha.

There are many more villages but these are the more important. These villages are usually visited for several reasons: scenic, ancient and/or markets.

I’ve added also a short notice about Gaotian, Jinbao and Putao although these are not really worth the effort unless you love to exercise a long bike/motorbike ride


The famous Li River Cruise makes its one and only stop in Xingping, an obvious stop as the village has much to offer in terms of spectacular views and ancient traditional Chinese houses. It has become a kind of artist village too as many (especially) painters come here to work. Here is more about Xingping.


Mushan is also a tiny village with a rich history. It was once a learning center but lost all that importance a very long time ago. Until recently Mushan was not even considered to be interesting enough for a visit. With the better paths build in the last few years many travelers have a look in this ancient village and for good reasons. More about Mushan and more photos of the village.

Mushan Village
Mushan village pond

Liu Gong and Puyi

Liu GongIf Mushan was seldom visited, Liu Gong got even less attention. It’s a bit further from Yangshuo and there’s little to see except an ancient temple and a few traditional houses.

Fortunately the road to Liu Gong is now in good condition and you might want to have a sneak peak at the temple and the nearby “three colours
pond” (which last time I visited had only one colour, but you might be lucky). Take the junction left just before the village.

A few km beyond Liu Gong lies Puyi. Until a few years ago this was an almost dead end for most travelers although there is a ferry to Fuxing, opposite side of the river.

This tiny one street village is since extended with an additional street and a bridge which connects Puyi now with Pingle. Most of the road is still quite rough but doable. Puyi is not to be confused with Pudi, which is a few km closer to Yangshuo on the other side of the river.

The old street of Puyi
The old street of Puyi


Pudi is a village on the north east of Yangshuo and we offer a one day tour to this remote village, 22 km from Yangshuo. It’s a hard to find village, by bus for example, you will have to change 3 times (!). The easiest way to travel is by boat or motorraft. Should you want to visit, check our one day tour or read more about Pudi here.

Pudi Village
Pudi Village


Most travelers visit Fuli on a market day. Around Yangshuo the markets roulades from village to village and every other 3 days it’s held in Fuli. This makes the town interesting because you can get a glimpse of the local traditional markets in this area. No fancy tourist stuff is sold here, it’s all still as it was 100, 200 years ago.

Market of Fuli
Market of Fuli


If Fuli is a popular visit for travelers, Baisha should get many more visitors. The town is larger than Fuli and located on the main road to Guilin. Most travelers come here to continue to Dragon Bridge and the rafts on the Yulong river. The market however, is worth a stop. It’s larger than Fuli or even Xingping.

Gaotian, Jinbao and Putao

Gaotian is located just south of Moonhill. The only reason to visit is when you decide to take the Expressway from here. Another option is to travel from Yangshuo to Gaotian and further to Jinbao. The road is completely upgraded. In Putao, you can come back via Baisha to Yangshuo. The whole loop is about 70km. Here is more about that loop from Gaotian to Jinbao and Gaotian

The road from Jinbao to Gaotian
The road from Jinbao to Gaotian


At the local markets pickpockets are active. If you visit, leave your money in the hotel room or, if you join one of our tours, you can leave it in the car where it’s perfectly safe.

Whats the most interesting part of these villages?

Yes, the markets and scenery in the villages are great but to me, for the most it’s the roads that lead to these villages. Check my bicycling around Yangshuo pages for details.