Minority and adventure tour With Li River Cruise, Xingping, kayaking & biking

An adventure tour Yangshuo can take as many days as you like. The more serious traveler will be interested in spending additional time in Yangshuo and Guilin as there is so much to see and much is quite hidden for many travelers. (This tour requires a day time arrival but you can choose your departure any time).

Thus it is not surprising Jessie and I have been talking about a more extensive tour and Jessie came up with a 7 days tour that covers even more.

The tour is an excellent mix of Yangshuo and Longsheng adventures and it is especially this tour that makes it worth to do.

We have a 7 days adventure tour Yangshuo for you which focuses on starting in Longsheng with the spectacular rice terraces, then move to the Yangshuo/Guilin area and explore the limestone karst mountains by boat, foot and bicycle.

The 7 days Adventures Tour Yangshuo is special design for those travelers who want to explore much more of Yangshuo and Longsheng.

Day 1

We will pick you up from Guilin airport. We travel to the Minority village Ping An near Longsheng which takes 2 hours.

It’s a 15 minutes walk from the car parking to the hotel. If you would like to carry your luggage to the hotel, you can hire a Local lady carry the luggage for you to the hotel. Cost Y20 (US$3) for one piece of luggage, this is excluded in the tour price. We will stay over night in Ping An.

You can always generate your own tour

Would you like to change this tour more to your own demands? Not a problem, we can change this tour to your specific desires.

For example… prefer the third day to visit Pudi instead of going to Xingping? We change it for you!

It’s YOUR tour and we want you to have the time of your life in and around Yangshuo.

Create your own tour

Day 2

Morning: walk around on the Rice terraces. If you want, it’s possible to extend the walk to the Old Zhuan minority village and visit the traditional “Zhuan” people’s house to talk to them and learn a little about their culture and life style.

The lady with the driver will take your luggage to the car parking and wait for you at the main road. It is about 2.5 hours down steps walk from Ping An to the Main road. From there take our private car will bring you back to Guilin. We stay over night at Eva Inn (3 star) in Guilin city.

Day 3

We get up at 6am and have a car to Cao Ping. where we take Li river cruise to Xingping, this is the best part of the Li river cruise.

It is about 40 minutes from Guilin city drive to Cao ping. 2 hours on the boat. We have to choose the early morning for two reasons:

  1. Later at the day big boats from Guilin come and make our river cruise less safe, in the early morning there is no traffic on the river.
  2. The scenery in the early morning is by far superior to later at day time. The luggage will come with you on the boat. We will have lunch in Xingping. walk around this old Qing dynasty town in the afternoon. At night we watch the cormorants fishing. Stay over night at The Old Place in Xing Ping.

Day 4

After breakfast, we take a car to Yangshuo, stay over night at Snow Lion Riverside Resort. At night we will watch the spectacular Liu Sanjie light show, which starts at summer time 8pm, 1 hour show finishes at 9pm. Winter time start at 7:45pm, finishes at 8:45pm.

Day 5 – Bike ride around Yangshuo.

After breakfast, we take a bicycle, cycle to Yulong river. Here we take a bamboo raft and we will drift down the river to Gong Nong bridge. This is (we think) the most beautiful part of Yangshuo county. The raft takes about 1.5 hours.

We continue cycling to Moon hill where we will hike up to top of Moonhill, it is about 1 hour walk with 840 steps for each way! (Or if you don’t want to hike Moon hill, you can relax in Moon hill cafe at Bottom of Moon hill, enjoy the scenery from bottom.)

By the time we come down from Moon hill, it time for lunch. We will have lunch in the Moon hill Cafe (not included in the price). After lunch, we will cycle back to Yangshuo through the countryside. The total time we are cycling, hiking and cycling back is about 5 hours (of course we take our rest as much as we want).

We have no program in the evening. Stay over night at Snow Lion Riverside Resort.

Day 6 – Kayaking

We start in the morning. after breakfast, we take a car to Fuli where we will take a kayak and drift on the Li River to Puyi. This will take 3 to 4 hours. In Puyi, an old and scenic village, we take a car back to Yangshuo where we will have lunch.
Day 7

The last of of the Adventure Tour Yangshuo and Longsheng contains the departure transfer back to the airport.


  • 2-3 people Y 5400 per person
  • 4 people Y 4900 per person
  • 5 people Y 4700 per person
  • 6 people Y 4400 per person
  • 7 people Y 4200 per person
  • 8 people Y 4000 person

The price exclude all meals in the tour. (you can use our currency converter to compare the price in your own currency)

Please apply if you have more than 6 people. We will offer you different price for more than 6 people.

To confirm a booking we require a non-refundable 20% deposit to our secure paypal account or direct deposit. On arrival in Yangshuo/Guilin, we require full payment for the resuming amount to Jessie.

Our tour price include:

All the entrance tickets in the itinerary.
Activities and transportation on the tour.
Hotels (breakfast included)

  1. Yangshuo/Guilin (if applicable)
  2. Longyi/Xingping hostel (if applicable)
  3. ChengYang bridge LongFeng hostel 1 night (if applicable)
  4. Pudi, lunch included (if applicable)
  5. English speaking guide.

The tour price excludes:

Lunch; dinner. (though we will recommend restaurants)
Transportation and activities which are not in the tour program.
Airfares and tips for guide and driver

Jessie Lu, Yangshuo Tour Operator