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Yangshuo Travel Guide has all you need to know about Yangshuo and Guilin. Some people call it: Limestone Paradise.

Sunset at the Yulong river Yangshuo

Find here all the travel secrets for enjoying this beautiful part of South China at its most. As a tourist destination, there are only few places in Asia more popular then Yangshuo.

Even if you have never heard of Yangshuo (or it's neighboring big city Guilin), you may have seen the photos of the spectacular limestone mountains (karst). Later more about Guilin and the transport facilities, it's 65 km north of Yangshuo.

So, where is Yangshuo? It is is located in south China, around 800 km north west from Hong Kong. The nearest big city is Guilin, which is the main transport hub for this area in China.

It is an easy place to reach these days and the Yangshuo Travel Guide will give you all the detailed information you need how to reach the little town by bus, airplane, car or taxi.

Yulong river, Yangshuo in south China near Guilin

The Yangshuo Travel Guide will inform you about everything you can possibly wish for: what to do, what to visit, where to stay, the local guides, cafes, what to buy and, of course the local specialties, food and souvenirs. You will find all kinds of activities in Yangshuo: bicycling, swimming and rock climbing amongst others.

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We have a great travel map you can print out and use while going around. Take a bicycle and go! Within 5 minutes you are away from the buzz and enjoy the scenery. For many years Moonhill, the legendary rock a few kilometers south if the town center is a must visit for all travelers.

Other small villages in the area are worth a visit, while the bigger towns like Lipu, Pingle and for example Zhongshan are not worth a visit. However, north of Guilin, there are several towns worth exploring: Longsheng with the rice terraces, Sanjiang with the Dong and Miao minorities and the Wind & Rain Bridge and the Dong village Zhongdian.

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Longji Rice Terraces, Longsheng








Over the years, in fact since the early 80's Yangshuo was a popular travel destination for mostly backpackers. One could say the backpackers paved the way for the organized tour groups that visit Yangshuo nowadays too.

But even though Yangshuo has developed and West Street is no longer a dirt street but a buzzing street with cafe's, bars and souvenir shops, it is still surprisingly local in feel.

As a start you may want to have a look at the map. I find this always a big help as it tells me where I am and what there is. There is even a map of Xingping available.

Rafting at the Yulong river

Rafting at the Yulong river

Accommodation and food

This part of China is mostly famous for it's limestone mountains. However, if you travel you would want a good hotel and an exploration of the local cuisine. Some travelers are happy with a cheap hotel and western food, others prefer something more exclusive. Both are possible.

Yangshuo bus station 1985

The bus station in 1985, a photo by Wayne Stinson. You have a photo to share?
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Our hotels pages offer a range of hotels available. For those who love to stay in the town center, the Magnolia Hotel and the Morning Sun Hotel are the best choices.

However, staying at the countryside is even more pleasant. We from the Yangshuo travel guide.com have 2 favorites: Snow Lion Riverside Resort and the Secret Garden

West Street with restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops
West Street with restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops

Food is as easy. West Street has many western styled cafe's but if you really want to eat local, Cloud 9 is your best and in fact your only choice and they offer excellent cooking classes. Get in for a good coffee at Cafe China, 7th Heaven or the Orange Tree Cafe.

Local guides, let me introduce Chloe and Ping

Some people find it easy to use a local guide. There is an abundance of local guides but as it goes, many only offer very few tours , some hardly speak English or  provide services which personally I don't like.

Liu Sanjie show in Yangshuo
Liu Sanjie show

About 10 years ago I met Jessie Lu, who started as my tour operator in Yangshuo (only on special occasions she does guiding herself). We have several guides working with us. The best are Chloe and Ping. Both ladies are fun company with each their own qualities. Where Ping excells in the direct Yangshuo environment, Chloe is the more adventurous of the two. But in reality, a tour with either of the two means having fun, finding some awesome pictoresque spots and meet some wonderful local people.

Regardless Ping or Chloe, you will have a lot of fun with either of them!

Here is an overview of tours.

So, let's use the Yangshuo travel guide to explore the town and all those other little villages in the area where even today few people come.

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Ping our local tour guide in Yangshuo


Bicycling to Putao, Jinbao and Gaotian

This is a seldom cycled route mainly because it's a long way (over 70km total). Until a few years ago it was also a bad road but nowadays the whole road is in excellent condition. And it's worth the effort to come here:

Bicycling to Putao, Jinbao and Gaotian

Bicycling to Putao, Jinbao and Gaotian

Your adventures

Have you already been to Yangshuo, or Guilin? Maybe you have traveled in China and have some good stories and tips to share.

Feel free to add your own stories to this website here.

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Pudi Primary School

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